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Margarine on the bread….

Well, this is just great! I was really looking forward to be sleeping all night and oversleeping the next day. But no…things didn’t go my way today, I woke up at 12 midnight. Great huh? So anyway, I was at the mall of asia earlier and saw Coleen Garcia and Keifer Ravena, though I didn’t get the chance for a photo-op.

But my day was even great because I bought Kris Allen’s record debut album! He is really a talented singer, so suffice it to say that waking up at 12 midnight wasn’t really bad at all. Truly, this day added tons of margarine on my bread! =))

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Kris Allen banner. =)
It’s been a while since I last made banners, and I’m kind of rusty. =)

Kris Allen banner. =)

It’s been a while since I last made banners, and I’m kind of rusty. =)

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Toasted French Toast anyone? (Too much?)

I was busy with school work as of late, but now that the summer is here, it’s time to partay! Well, for the most part, I already changed the title of my tumbleblog, from The Young Journalist to The French Toast!

This new tumbleblog is all about, things outside of the box! Well, let’s begin the journey of the french toast with….my top three picks of the week!

Top 3:Jessica Sanchez was safe this week. Although I may have to agree with what the judges said, and what Jimmy said, and that was she should connect with the audience and since the demographics of the show are mostly teenagers, I would have to agree that she needs to sing songs that are very age appropriate! But in all fairness, a very good job for her and the rest of the Idol contestants! =)

Top 2: Sleeping—a lot!

Top 3:

 Kris Allen

Kris Allen singing the lead single of his sophomore album, and need I say more why this is my top pick of the week? Well, I really am a big fan of his. He really showed he desereved the big win on Idol three years ago! And he gave the new guy contestants a run for their money! =)

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